Elliptical Window Curtain Ideas

Aug 6th

Window curtain ideas – An elliptical window is a window with a straight base and a bow on top. The width of an elliptical window is much larger than half its height. The term “eyebrow” is often reserved for windows that have two 90-degree angles at the bottom and a bow on top, but the terms are often used interchangeably. It can be difficult — but not impossible — to come up with ideas on appropriate and attractive curtains for unusual shaped windows.


Sunburst shutters window curtain ideas; Make a sunburst style curtain for elliptical windows. Take a measurement of the entire ellipse and double it. Rounds the corner of fabric and sew a narrow rod casing all the way around. Three rod through the casing and become the ends of the curtain at the center of the bottom. Add a decoration on the bottom of the sunbeam, such as a fabric rose or a drapery medallion. Look for drapery medallions nearby elliptical curtain rods.

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Traditional window curtain ideas; Hanging traditional tieback style curtains on your elliptical windows. Use the same curtains you want to buy or do for the length of the window, except add a few inches to accommodate the curve of ellipse. Install the curtain rod hardware, and then hang curtains that you would normally use the special elliptical curtain rods.

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