"Twin Cities Radio takes a byte out of reality...."

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Independent Artists are musical artists that have not yet been signed to a major record label and do not have the benefits a multibillion dollar advertising machine. These are artists unknown for the most part. Their music, just like the artist is unknown to the masses. Among them you will find the "super stars" of the future.
Everyone is looking for something new.  Something fresh. Something original.  While at the same time listening to the music that reminds them of the past or perhaps the future. Independent Artists are a departure from the familar music that we have all become accustomed. Creating fresh new material for all to give a listen.
Twin Cities Radio calls this "An Adventure of Independent Artists and their original music". Our listeners will not hear anything familiar, at least, at first.
The music of Independent Artists from all over the world are introduced to our listeners who are looking for something fresh and new.
Looking for something fresh and new for your music library? The "Adventure of Independent Artists and their original music" can begin here. Independent Artists will amaze you almost immediately.
"Twin Cities Radio takes a byte out of Reality"

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